29 November 2018

Ectoplasm Liquid Perfume

There is never a year when Lush don't cause a spread of fear amongst the community for something that they have or have not done. Long-term, regular consumers are almost awaiting with baited breath for that moment to come, wondering what exactly the company are going to do to annoy their fans this particular year. This product is easily one of the most wanted and yet equally ignored products of the last calendar year, and has caused quite a bit of disappointed amongst the community.

Ectoplasm liquid perfume was supposed to be, according to rumours, a regular feature in this year's Halloween range. Given that Lush had released an Ectoplasm Shower Scream, naked shower scream, wash card and solid perfume, hinted that this would be the case. However, when the Halloween range appeared on the website and there was no sign of a liquid perfume, people began to ponder.

After a couple of weeks of confusion, the liquid perfume began to pop up on various European sites: France, Italy and Germany were among three countries that seemed to have no problem bringing out the liquid perfume in the small 30ml bottles and the larger hundred mil bottles as well. Rumours circulated that Lush had not managed to formulate the liquid perfume well enough to bring it out to the public. However, consumers began to question how three countries had been able to do so but the rest of the world couldn't get their act in gear. As all right now, nobody really knows the true extent of that story, and not many people have managed to get their hands on a bottle of this rare perfume.

When lush first released the Ectoplasm Jelly Bath Bomb last year, I happened to find it one of the best citrus bath bombs from the company had done in a long while. So when the Halloween range promised four or five more products in the same aroma, I was super happy. As my reviews of the other products have suggested however, the outcome was not as I was expecting. The aroma of the bath bomb just didn't translate well in these other formats. While none of them were at all bad, I was just a little disappointed that the aromas didn't match up that well at all.

Having said that, I will say that Ectoplam Liquid Perfume is easily the best format in this scent. Hands down. Well definitely not an exact replica of the bath bomb, this perfume screams so many merits that you can forgive it for smelling a little bit different than the rest of its family.

So what does it smell like?
Ectoplasm Liquid Perfume smells like a succulent blend of fruity oils that make for the most exquisite, mouthwatering perfume. From the bottle, you can smell a warm, sultry tangerine smell, which is like freshly squeezed juice or the most expensive cheesecake topping in the world. I honestly cannot express to you how strong and beautiful this element is, neither can I project how beautiful this aroma is. In my many years of using Lush, I don't think I've come across very many scents that move me like this one does.

Alongside this, the grapefruit oil offers its own slightly soured aroma, whilst also adding a spritzy, tangy note to the overall perfume. Although it would've been easy for the grapefruit to have soured the whole aroma, it instead sat back and allowed the thick, wholesome blanket of orange and tangerine oils dominate this fragrance, and make it one of Lush’s best fruity perfume ever. I’ll be honest and say that I never expected to love this perfume as much as I did, and now it goes it with me everywhere.

For a citrus-based perfume, the the smell doesn't fare there too badly on the skin. Usually, perfumes of this calibre tend to lose their potency very quickly, once sprayed, and that’s why I’m always hesitant when investing in these types of fragrances. However, I found that this perfume lasted for a good three hours on my skin, before I wasn't able to detect it with my nose anymore. Furthermore, while I was unable to smell it all the time on my skin, I did receive many comments about the ‘incredible fragrance’ I was wearing, and if I had been in receipt of money, I probably could have purchased a good 8 or 9 bottles for other people. 

As I said at the beginning of this review, Ectoplasm is definitely my favourite jelly bomb that Lush currently do. The fragrance itself is not something I am obsessed with. However, it is definitely one of my favourite scents in a bath bomb. In this argument, I should technically be disappointed with this perfume as it doesn’t replicate the smell all that well. There are big differences when the two are side by side, and had this not been called Ectoplasm, I might not have even linked the two scents together at all.

Yet, this perfume does have elements of the bath bomb it is based on, in its fragrance. It’s just taken this smell, thickened it and added a shed load of extra fruitiness. There is also the fact that this perfume doesn’t contain the powdery element that I think is what has removed a lot of the wholesomeness that the bath bomb could have offered. But in its defence, this perfume is so much better because of that latter fact. It’s bright, it’s uplifting, and super sweet like a bag of sherbet made from the finest fruit crystals.

Ectoplasm Liquid Perfume should have been made available worldwide. Whatever the reason for it not showing itself across stores and online doesn’t matter: Lush just need to rectify this and bring it out to make up for its lack of appearance. If anything, this should stay as a permanent because there’s nothing like this in shops, and it would definitely prove popular amongst consumers.

Quantitative Ingredients: Alcohol, Tangerine Oil, Water, Perfume, Glycerine, grapefruit Oil, Limonene, Litsea Cubeba Oil, Citral, Geraniol, linalool.  

Vegan?: Yes. 

2018 Price: unsure.

Year Of Original Release: 2018.

Scent Family:
Ectoplasm Jelly Bath Bomb
Ectoplasm Liquid Perfume
Ectoplasm Naked Shower Scream
Ectoplasm Shower Scream
Ectoplasm Solid Perfume

Ectoplasm Washcard

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