8 November 2018

Angel Hair Solid Shampoo

Given how much trouble my hair causes me, there's a part of me that believes it needs a good, hard slap to wake it up. Yet, violence is never the answer, and what it most probably needs is lots of tender, loving care. After refusing to take care of it for a good part of my life: cutting it myself with regular scissors; bleaching and dying it until it fell out in clumps; forgetting to brush it for weeks on end, I only have myself to blame for the mane I've ended up with today. Therefore, this latest release from Lush sounded like the perfect remedy for locks that are calling out to be loved.

Angel Hair is one of six limited edition shampoo bars that Lush recently released for consumers to sample and review, and the third one I have managed to test out myself. Sharing its scent with the Butterball range, this is probably one of the most popular ones out of the half dozen, and easily one of my favourites for many reasons. 

Featuring rose water, this limited edition shampoo bar is perfect for calming and soothing the skin. While this is not something I suffer from, I know many people who seem to develop pockets of dandruff in the colder months, or simply have a sensitive scalp that reacts to any new product that is introduced into their routine. This ingredient ensures that this won't happen when using this shampoo.

Alongside rose water, Angel Hair also features aquafaba - a liquid created from the brine of chickpeas - which is known for being super high in protein. This ingredient not only strengthens and supposedly adds shine to the hair, but helps to create the thick but light foam that the shampoo bar produces when it's massaged with a little water. 

To use, you simply wet it slightly and massage between the palm of your hands. As Angel Hair is so generous, you only need to do this for a split second to produce a surplus amount of creamy foam to massage into your hair. While I would usually suggest that you could massage this directly across your head, the inclusion of the dried decoration on top would mean that you would end up with mess in your hair. Although you could always remove this beforehand as it doesn't add any benefits to the shampoo bar aside from being a pretty decoration.

As with nearly all of Lush's solid shampoo bars, these are so easy to travel with; so compact without any risk of leaking or making a mess in your bags; and will easily last you a good three months of washing your hair 2-3 times a week. Furthermore, the lack of SLS will ensure that your hair remains as looked after as it could possibly be - without coating it with anything that could damage it in the long run.

What I found with Angel Hair is that this is a shampoo bar that may need to get used to your hair before it works effectively for you. The first couple of times of using this, I found that my hair felt dry afterwards, and I wasn't too sure if I wanted to continue using it. However, I prevailed and found that by about the third/forth time, my hair began to sport that shine that Lush promised, and my locks felt so much more manageable and soft.

As I have done with all of Lush's solid shampoo bars, I used this without adding a conditioner afterwards - just to test how effective this was at cleaning my hair. What I found was that this was yet again another superior solid shampoo bar from the company. I honestly didn't feel as if I was missing out on anything by not using a conditioner afterwards, and I am convinced that I could continue using this and see even better results over time.

Using this about three times a week, I found that the bar barely changed shape, and the three month promise that Lush advertise for each of their shampoo bars, would definitely apply to this one as well. Much like most of Lush's shampoo bars, this one was gentle enough to be used every day, if you're someone that feels they need to wash their hair more often. 

While I don't think the strength of Angel Hair, or the ingredients featured would work for consumers who either like to dye their hair regularly; those with particularly greasy hair; or those wanting something more moisturising and repairing, this shampoo bar works well as just a 'normal' shampoo. I would definitely buy this again in the future.

Quantitative Ingredients: Sodium Coco Sulfate, Aquafaba, Rose Water, Perfume, Sodium Bicarbonate, Ylang Ylang Oil, Titanium Dioxide, Witch Hazel Extract, Soya Lecithin, Synthetic Musk, Synthetic Fluorphlogopite, Propylene Glycol, *Benzyl Alcohol, *Citronellol, *Geraniol, Colour 77491, Colour 45410.

Vegan?: Yes.

2018 Price: £9.95 for each.

Year Of Original Release: 2018. 

Scent Family:
Angel Hair Solid Shampoo Bar
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Butterball Body Conditioner
Butterball Body Lotion
Butterball Liquid Perfume
Butterball Perfume Oil
Butterball Shower Gel
Butterbear Bath Ballistic
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  2. Super Happy, like the tingle and smell. (BLACKWOOD)