18 November 2018

Oat Naked Body Mask

Doing the pandemonium that was the Lush showcase 2018, I found myself filling my basket with goodies that I barely even acknowledged what they were. There was just so many on offer, and my goal was to get all of them, that it wasn't until I got home that I started to wonder what some of the strange shaped and coloured objects were. This product was one of them.

One of two limited edition body masks, Mud Is one of Lush's new innovative ideas, based on and sharing its scent with the Oatfix Face Mask. For the special event, Lush attempted to recreate two of their most popular facemasks and turn them into naked body masks. The difference being that these products were more focused on the entire body and could then be used alongside the face mask for a full pampering session.

What I will say is that Oat Naked Body Mask smells just as scrumptious and as beautiful as the face mask it is based on. To me, this fragrance is like a rich, sweet, comforting bowl of hot porridge, drizzled with golden syrup. When I realised what the strange half-spherical block was, I remember thinking: if this mask was able to do what its older sibling does to my face, this would be the star of the showcase for sure. Obviously, given my rating, this wasn't the case. However, that's not to say that this body mask doesn't have its own merits.

Containing vanilla and tonka absolute, not to mention sandalwood oil as well, this body mask is a calming, relaxing, almost nutty-smelling naked product. If you like your cosmetics to taste like food, you may find it really difficult not to want to take a bite out of this, to see if it tastes as good as it smells. However, I hope that most lush fans know that the outcome of doing this does not heed positive results. Ever.

To use this, simply break off a small piece - probably about the size of a small grape - add the tiniest amount of water, and then massage it into the area that you wish to moisturise. My suggestion is that this needs to be done in the shower and not the bath, as you'll end up with sticky lumps of this body mask across the base of your tub and floating around in the water. Yuck!

For a full body pampering session, I found that I needed to use roughly a quarter of this bar, it works out good value for money, especially when compared to the regular facemasks. Having said that, you also need to be very careful about how much or how little water you use. As this is much drier than Mud - the other naked body mask that replicates the Cupcake Face Mask - I found that if I didn't put enough water with the product it crumbled away into the tub, and I often lost quite a lot trying to turn it into a paste. On the other hand, too much water and you end up with a slushy mess that doesn't want to stick to your skin.

Either way, when using it in the shower, you are going to make a little bit of a mess: guaranteed, which clearly doesn't sound enjoyable for anybody. After using this, I always had to make sure that I rinsed my bath tub out to clear the mess, and occasionally needed to remove some of the mask using my feet or hands. For those who dislike mess, I would avoid using this, as you're not going to have a fun time doing so.

After you have massaged it across your skin, the idea is that you rinse it away with the shower hose and then pat yourself dry outside of the tub. The inclusion of the kaolin is supposed to soften the skin and help to remove any excess debris and dirt that may be hidden in your pores. Using this once a week should heed better results for your skin, and I did notice a very subtle difference, especially on and around my fingers, which appeared less chipped and dry.

Yet, what I found was that this body mask was not as affective as Mud Body Mask. Mud had a much better consistency, although incredibly crumbly as well, and stuck to my skin a lot better, leaving a better impression fragrance-wise and making my skin feel a lot softer and smoother than Oat did. While I did feel clean after using this, the fact that there was a lot of mess by my feet and around my tub meant that the appeal of this was lost somewhat, once I had spring cleaned the tub.

Having said that, I really appreciated that the aroma of this body mask stayed with me for a good thirty minutes after I had towelled myself down. This definitely left an impression on my skin as well, as I noticed a difference between when I used this and when I didn't. However, there was not enough of an impression for me to want to use this regularly, unlike the facemask which has always heeded incredible results whenever I’ve used it.

Looking at this new concept, I really love the idea overall, and I just think that Lush need to tweak this product before it becomes available to the general public. This is perhaps the reason why we haven't seen the release of either of these two naked body masks as of yet. The idea of any naked product is a great idea, I just think that Lush need to figure out how to make this appealing - most importantly how consumers will store this in between uses. 

Leaving it out, exposed to the air, just simply dries this mask out quicker, and after a few weeks I found that out became much too crumbly to make use of it that much. However, even if it is stored somewhere cooler and less exposed to the air, the problem still persists that it is just too crumbly to use without making a mess of the shower.

I do hope that these, alongside other naked variations of the facemask, make an appearance in the Lush Labs at some point, or as part of the seasonal range in the near future. Lush body masks have always been amazing when they work well: Glorious Mud is one such example. However, this one certainly needs more butters and oils to make it more moisturising on the skin, as well as to make it more stable when in use, as well as when not in use. While I feel super lucky to have had the opportunity to test out the prototype, I keep my fingers crossed in the hope that this will come out in a better format in the near future.

Quantitative Ingredients: Oat Flour (Avena sativa), Sodium Bicarbonate, Glycerine, Kaolin, Fair Trade Olive Oil (Olea europaea), Cream of Tartar (Potassium bitartrate), Gold Clay (Kaolin), Vanilla Absolute (Vanilla planifolia), Sandalwood Oil (Santalum austro-caledonicum vieill), Benzoin Resinoid (Styrax tonkinensis pierre), *Anise Alcohol, *Benzyl Benzoate, *Benzyl Cinnamate, *Cinnamal, *Coumarin, *Farnesol, *Linalool, Perfume.

Vegan?: Yes. 

2018 Price: unsure.

Year Of Original Release: 2018.

Scent Family:
Oat Body Naked Body Mask

Oatfix Fresh Face Mask


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