6 November 2018

Holly Berry Massage Bar

With the release of the million body lotions not to long ago in the Lush Kitchen, I'm sure that most Lush fans have more than stocked up on their skin care, which is why this little fella might have been lost a little in the stampede to purchase those exclusives. Even I completely forgot about its existence until very recently, and now I only wish I had discovered it sooner.

Holly Berry is a brand new massage bar in the Christmas range this year. While it's minutely smaller than your average regular bar, it's definitely worth an investment, if only for the fragrance alone.

Containing bergamot, buchu and tangerine oils, this limited edition produces a wonderfully sweet and super fruity aroma. To my nose this smells like a glass of fresh tangerine and mango smoothie, blended up together and made into a solid bar. You get the citrus element of the tangerine but the mango softens this a little and adds its own syrupy goodness. It's very bright and beautiful, yet I would also describe the aroma as being very wholesome as well.

What was interesting about Holly Berry was the fact that there was an element of blackcurrant in the aroma as well, which comes from the inclusion of the buchu oil. However, I didn't really notice it all that much until I had massaged the bar across my body, and then these sweet currant notes came forth with the warmth of my skin.

This massage bar glides with ease over the body and leaves a thin, greasy blend of oils to be absorbed into the skin. You don't need to apply much pressure to Holly Berry as it's a very generous bar, melting with ease with the warmth of your skin. In fact, I would be wary of holding this for too long as it does tend to melt instantaneously, and you'll end up with too much oil to contend with. Once you've run this bar across the areas you want moisturising, you can spread the oils and allow them to absorb into the skin. I found that this particular massage bar didn't stay on the skin for too long, and I was able to put my clothes back under ten minutes after initial application.

Yet, despite the speed in which this massage bar seemingly disappeared from my skin, I was left was beautifully soft skin that had a slight radiance to it as well. While I didn't feel as if this massage bar was as intensive as other variations, I did enjoy the light touch in which is worked across my whole body. 

My only issue with this bar was the fact that the fragrance wasn't as strong as it could have been. This is not the sort of product that you'll be able to smell when walking into a room, or one that you can make out until you hold the thing against your nose. On my skin, the fragrance also faded rather quickly, and I found myself reusing it a couple of hours later, just to get a hit of the scent.

Lush would do well to release this scent in other formats. While nowhere original or unique, there is something about this combination that I enjoyed very much. As I mentioned above, this is a massage bar suited for those who want a light moisturise as opposed to a heavy, greasy experience. Strangely enough, I would say the scent and productivity of this bar would be more suited for the warmer months of the year, but I still appreciated this a lot as a quick 'pick me up.'

While not a massage bar I would shout from the roof tops about, I really enjoyed using this one and will continue to do so for another couple of months before Holly Berry melts away to nothing. A lovely little present for your partner, if you want to offer them the promise of a massage, and an equally good replacement for a body lotion as well. 

Quantitative Ingredients: Fair Trade Organic Cocoa Butter, Organic Illipe Butter, Murumuru Butter, Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Mango Butter, Perfume, Bergamot Oil, Buchu Oil, Tangerine Oil, Cornflour, *Citral, *Limonene, *Linalool, Butylphenyl Methylpropional, Geraniol, Hydroxyisohexyl 3-cyclohexene carboxaldehyde, Chlorophyllin, Colour 47005:1, Colour 42090:2.

Vegan?: Yes.

2018 Price: £7.95 for each.

Year Of Original Release: 2018.

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