8 May 2015

Flower's Barrow Bath Oil

Back in 2012, when Lush brought out the range of perfumes known by all as Volume 2, I wasn't bowled over by any of the descriptions that they released alongside the pictures of each bottle. In fact, Flower's Barrow was actually one of three fragrances that I purposely avoided initially, due to the fact that the write up didn't sound very appealing to me at all. Big mistake on my part. 

Named after an Iron Age hill fort in Devon that was overtaken by the Romans during battle, the smell of both this bath oil and the liquid perfume is supposed to encompass 'all things British' - a 'fresh and floral fragrance' that is packed with ingredients to create a quintessentially English aroma.

While blackcurrant is definitely the strongest smell in the mix, it intertwines with the other floral ingredients perfectly and creates a wonderfully strong, complex but not overpowering sweet and flowery aroma. The rose and geranium, both of which give the perfume a slight powdery element, are easy to detect upon initial sniff. However, what is impressive is that these two elements come out in full force in the bath and create a beautiful powdery, decadent fragrance that lingers throughout the entire experience - adding a gentle smell that stays on your skin for a while after you've drained away the water. 

As with the perfume, the addition of chamomile, sage and thyme also gives this product a faint herby undertone that compliments the blackcurrant wonderfully and adds those all-important layers to the mix. While I am not normally one to appreciate basic floral smells all that much, I really feel as if this one is incredible and one that almost tells a story as it matures in the tub.   

Flower's Barrow Bath Oil is the second bath oil that I have tried out from Lush's impressive new collection that is only available in their Oxford Street store. Shaped like a ping-pong ball, this stunning melt is easily one of the most beautiful to look at - a factor that is thanks to the dried pink rose petals that decorate the surface of the product. 

These petals break away from the melt as it is dissolving and drift across the surface to create the loveliest of displays in the water. While people who dislike debris in their baths may be put off by this factor, I can assure you that there are very little petals to worry about and they certainly won't saturate your bathing experience with their 'mess'. 

As with all of the bath melts that I have purchased, I was initially worried that the size of the product would prevent it from really having an impact in the water. However, this ball of essential skin-softening components dissolved in the tub and produced an impressive amount of oils and butters to give you the softest, most-nourishing bathing experience that you could ever expect to come from such a small product. 

Containing cocoa butter to moisturise, coconut oil to clean out your pores and a combination of geranium oil and rose absolute to help the body absorb all of these wonderful oils, this is an impressive design from Lush and one full of more than enough essential oils to offer you a truly satisfying and highly nourishing bath. 

As with many of these new bath oils, I found that this one released just enough oils to soften and moisturise your skin, without making the bath seem too greasy. Furthermore, the practicality of this product comes from the fact that the size of this is the perfect dosage for one bath. You don't have to worry about cutting this in half or testing out different sizes until you've found the perfect amount. Just throw it into the bath, alongside a bath bomb if you so desire, and watch it as it releases those essential oils - creating a haven of fragrance and moisture to leave your skin feeling silky-smooth and smelling delicious to boot.

Flower's Barrow Bath Oil is definitely on my list of products to buy again - a bath oil that is strong enough to leave an impression but gentle enough to make the perfect summer accompaniment. After a long day lounging on the beach, this will be one of those products that I will turn to to nourish and replenish my skin and leave me feeling ripe and ready for the next day. 

Quantitative Ingredients: 

Vegan?: Yes. 

2015 Price: £2 each.

Year Of Original Release: 2015. 

Scent Family: 
Flower's Barrow Liquid Perfume


  1. Hi!

    I've got a lovely cocktail that goes along with this flowery smelling post (not sure if you're still collecting because I just found your blog but I wanted to share). I adore rose smells and I think it's just absolutely so luxurious.

    Name: Wild Rose
    1/2 Rose Jam Bubbleroon (I have a small tub, adjust accordingly)
    A few squeezes of Rose Jam Shower Gel
    1/2 Dragon's Egg (or full, again adjust accordingly)

    The Dragon's Egg really brings out the lemon in the bubbleroon and shower gel. It also has beautiful glitter so what more could you ask for?!

    Bonus: Finish up with a rinse in the shower using Ro's Argan Body Conditoner and then Pearl Massage Bar for unbelievably silky and luxuriously scented skin.

    1. Hi there - this sounds amazing! Yes I am still collecting cocktails but have had to put them hold for a month or two while I get through trying and reviewing all of the products from the new Oxford Store. If you could post this on the cocktail thread (as it makes it easier for me to keep track of them on there) and I will try this out in the coming months :)

  2. how many of each bath oil do you usually get?

  3. Just thought you should know that the link to this page is broken in the bath melts/oils list