28 May 2015

Let's Get Ready To Crumble Gift Set

Despite being up to my eyeballs in Lush products that I need to test out and review, I couldn't help myself when Lush announced that they were bringing out a selection of limited edition gift sets to coincide with some of the exclusive releases in their Oxford Street store. This particular gift set was one of the first to grab my attention, and with good reason. 

Priced up at £17.95, this gift set is not only really affordable but a great gateway into the wonderful world of Lush's bubble bars. Containing four completely different products, this selection of bathing goodies works out a little more expensive then what it cost to buy them individually. However, as a gift for someone who wants to dip their toes into the wonderful world of Lush, this is a perfect example of what is on offer in the shop.

This gift set contains:
1 Karma Bubble Bar
1 Big Bang Bubble Bar
1 Grass Bubble Bar

All four of these bubble bars are full-sized examples, so each one is big enough to see you through at least two baths. Furthermore, as each of the bars presents a fragrance unlike any of the other three, this gift set is great for someone who doesn't visit the shop often and wants something that'll last them a good many weeks/months. 

What makes Let's Get Ready To Crumble even more special is that it contains Big Bang Bubble Bar - a brand new product that is supposed to be available to buy individually, but that which always seems to sell out far too quickly so can never be found aside from this particular gift set. In fact, this is the very reason I chose to invest in this gift set in the first place. 

Overall, the presentation, wrapping and selection of products available inside this set make it a lovely gift that can be presented to both a long-standing Lush fan as well as a complete newbie. I for one loved this collection as the selection of colours and fragrances available suited such a range of moods - I always able to find something to compliment whatever day I had had at school.   

Vegan?: Yes.

2015 Price: £17.95. 


  1. This set looks sooo gorgeous!!!!! I so hope they get to NZ really soon, I can't wait to try them all out! Thanks for the awesome reviews. I love to read them every day :) Bec NZ

  2. It's so fantastic! Can't wait till these hit the states or online beside the kitchen. ❤ love your blogs